Thursday, 8 October 2009

Squawk! during my time as a spokes Bird I have learnt a great many things. the first of which is do not ask for directions in Dinoland U.S.AThe second is that one of the things that really makes WDW special are the cast members. they do an brilliant job at making every guest feel welcome, and it simply would not be magic without them. so this post is to some of the cast members i have met on my journey. to say thank you for all you do.

Except him above. he was about as helpful as the dinosaur! all he did was smile and hold Coca Cola up in the air, and when i went to wet my little beak, the bottle turned out to be made of wood!

The first is laura from my home at the haunted mansion. although caught trying to take a bite out of me. we quickly moved on from that and she told me her brilliant story on "leotas ring" and was more than happy to pose for a picture

The next is Jared from the Holly Wood Tower Hotel! seen here with a very menacing look in his eyes. He let me use my fast pass even though it expired ( shhhhh Don't tell mickey) and stroked my back, which I always enjoy.

And this is Pam from tomorrowland, who like me is sad about space mountain being down but looking forward to seeing what has been done with it.

That is all for now Edgar friends! but there are many more cast member photos to come. And if you come accross any one you have seen here be sure to tell them Edgar says Squawk.

Bird over board

Squawk! Too add to a past post about marc davis (the cheeky imagineer) leaving signatures in his work. I managed to get a photo I've been after for some time. It is hard to read because of Disney's love for the no flash photography rule. and the camera I swooped down to claim to take this photo resulted in a very un-happy guest and a very soggy Edgar when he threw me over board, all because my little beak couldn't hold it for long and i dropped it in the water. But the picture is in pirates of the Caribbean as you pass by jack sparrow for the final time and it reads "Marco Daviso" and yes. it has his signature chess pieces in the bottom left and top right side. Nothing gets past Edgar! squawk

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, About some of my favourite place to perch/nest for the night in Walt Disney world. It took me some time before I had my answer, although i spent most of that time pecking at a bust of Pallas. . . but eventually i came up with these places! squawk. . .

I do love the "partners" statue outside the Cinderella castle. it has some lovely leaves to hide in and fly out on tourists and scare them in the middle of photos. . . BOO! I squawk. but only in the Halloween celebration months.

I like it on top of the big fire engine in innoventions. . . you can see the whole room and survey over it whilst reflecting on fire safety.

next to this sign on the wall of "Rosie's all-American cafe" its inspiring for a small bird with big dreams! squawk!

just opposite Tinkerbell's treasures is a nice fountain of Cinderella that when viewed from the right angle the crown behind her lines up perfectly on her head.

And this plant pot in the streets of America in Disney's Hollywood Studios. I once found a juicy bug in there, so I'm assuming its a good luck pot.

That's all for now humans. squawk!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

squawk! Tonight's post is somewhat unique, and calls for a different kind of introduction. upon a recent trip to the Hollywood tower hotel i noticed a few hidden things for you all to look out for. for all my feathered readers i would recommend perching on the concierge desk or book shelf and let the mass of frantically moving people all hurrying to bypass all the little things that make this ride truly special. for my skin covered readers i would say just hang around a bit throughout the whole queue to really find everything.
one of the first things to notice as you enter the lobby look to the wall to the right of the desk and notice that the AAA (American Automobile Association) awarded the hotel a 13 star award. . .

A guest with an im'peck'able eye for detail and a love for The Twilight Zone will notice this sign for the Tip Top Club in the lobby. Where the poor unfortunate souls from that dark stormy night long ago where heading before they found themselves. . . Misplaced. the name of the live musician playing on that night was Anthony Fremont. The name of the child in one of the more remembered episodes "it's a good life"

I decided to land on this sign for a bit and sit really still and pretend to be a prop, and just as guests got near "squawk" you should have seen their faces. ha ha ha

while i was there i had a good view of something people usually miss so be sure too look out for it while you are there. the fallen letters from the sign create a chilling word of warning to all who enter

as you walk/fly through into the library notice on top of the bookshelf the mystic seer or swami from The Twilight Zone episode "nick of time" featuring William Shatner

and a very familiar yet haunting book from the episode "To serve Man"

as you enter the ride elevator their is an inspection certificate dated to October 31st 1939. . . Halloween! also look for the signature at the bottom. recognise the name "Mr Cadwallader" from the episode "Escape clause" one of the devils many names in the popular cult classic.

Anyway I spy a tourist with a open bag of popcorn so if you will excuse me there will be more on The Tower of Terror later.

Monday, 17 August 2009

last night whilst on a routine swoop down Main street a unusual scene caught my eye behind the second floor windows! You can notice it if you look for at the windows for a while whilst visiting the magic kingdom park. shadows are cast against the windows by candlelight as if the owners are always home making the park feel that much more alive.
I decided to perched on a rather tall mans hat as he walked back up the street to really see what the windows mean to the park. Here are some of my favourites. Squawk!

RAILROAD OFFICE honours Walt Disney and his love for trains it is the first window you will see when walking into the park and reads "Walter E Disney keeping dreams on track"

BUENA VISTA MAGIC LANTERN SLIDES honours WDI's (Walt Disney imagineering) great special effect artists like Yale Gracey and Bud martin who's works included The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean

Hollywood Publishing although the photo is not very good honours the show writers of the Magic kingdom like the legendary F. X. Atencio who bought us the classic "Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me"
There are many Main Street windows each crediting the imagineers who shaped the park. There are so many who deserve a mention so keep following for more on Main Street soon. Anyway I'm off too steal some popcorn from a none the wiser guest. hahahaha

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Not many people take time to notice the top of the haunted mansion as I have. Having perched on top of there many times to watch the foolish mortals enter the house i noticed something of a reoccurring signature in wdw by my personal friend Marc Davis. Although the imagineers are forbidden to sign their work some leave little clues. Marc Davis had a love for the game of chess and left pieces in his work. You may have also noticed these with a keen eye but for those who wish to see notice the clear chess pieces sitting on top of the mansion or perhaps the" never ending" chess game between our swashbuckling friends in the queue over at pirates of the Caribbean.